What To Wear For Your Boudoir Shoot

What To Wear For Your Boudoir Shoot

So…you booked your boudoir shoot and you’re feeling both excited and nervous. TOTALLY NORMAL! But here’s something to take the edge off and get you feeling inspired. Yes, I’m talking about outfits!

Outfit planning is one of the most fun aspects of a boudoir shoot and, as always, E4C Photography is here to help! During our outfit planning session, we’ll work together to make sure we come up with a wardrobe that will complement every curve and make you feel confident and sexy. No matter your style or comfort level, we’ve got you covered. We encourage models to bring some of their own items, and to also take advantage of our extensive E4C Boudoir Closet!

When we think of boudoir, we most often think of lingerie. And while we do recommend some lingerie, we also encourage a variety of other options as well. every item needs to be lingerie.


From lacey bra and panty sets to strappy, sexy nighties, the more variety in the outfits you bring, the more photo choices you will have!

Bra tip: If you are a B or smaller find a bra that has lace around the top of the cup. It will make you look a whole size bigger in photos.



Bring something that belongs to your partner. A button down shirt and tie, a sports jersey, hunting gear, whatever you can find!


We encourage all of our models to think outside the box and bring some items that speak to your personality. Cowboy boots and hat, sexy maid costume, vintage pin-up girl - whatever you can think of, go for it! Try out something totally off the wall and fun! Your uniqueness is what will make your photos really come to life.



Look through your closet for see through or lacey blouses, an off the shoulder sweater, or Daisy Duke shorts. These everyday items offer some great variety to the normal bra-and-panty photos.


Bustiers are a great way to create curves and enhance cleavage. If you are smaller then a C cup be sure to bring the kind of bustier that has built in cups. (usually a corset does not have cups but I have seen a few bustiers without cups too) The bustiers without can make you look flat chested and we don’t want that!



You’re a trendy gal, so don’t overlook some of the trends hanging in your closet. Rompers, crop tops, kimonos…all trendy and all flirty and sexy!


We want to show off every part of you - including your legs! Some items that will accentuate your legs are sexy garters, stilettos, fishnet and thigh-high tights, and knee socks. Surely you have some of these items in your closet, and they’re going to look AMAZING in your boudoir photos!


Don’t forget jewelry! Whatever your style is will accessorize your outfits and add uniqueness. Statement necklaces, pearls, and fun earrings are all great places to get started. Hint: E4C’s Boudoir Closet also boasts a TON of jewelry, so take a look!



And most of all don’t forget to bring some killer high heels! Nude heels are super versatile and can go with many outfit choices. Black heels are a staple. And our personal favorite - anything strappy and blinged out! The higher the better. Try to stay away from platform and wedges for your shoot as they don’t accentuate your legs as much as heels.

Get ready, DFW...the E4C Photography family is expanding!

Get ready, DFW...the E4C Photography family is expanding!